Hexawave continues to pursue innovation, empowering and inspiring the development of products. With a great deal of experience in the communication field, we pioneer the industry in undertaking strategic planning for emerging trends, technologies, and products.
5G Wireless Communication
We strive to develop a series of high-gain and high-efficiency power amplifiers for 5G New Radio, which conform to the 5G New Radio FR1 frequency band formulated by 3GPP. Our product portfolio has diverse applications, including open wireless access network (O-RAN), Small Cell, repeater/DAS and general wireless applications, etc.

The power amplifiers (PA) are critical components in the wireless communication system. We have launched a series of high-gain and high-efficiency power amplifiers. The outstanding power-added efficiency (PAE) can greatly reduce the overall system power consumption as well as the cost of cooling devices. We can help customers effectively deploy dense 5G networks.


Featured Power Amplifier

Wide Band

High Power Added Efficiency

High Gain

High Linearity

Wireless Networking

Why Hexawave's RF Switch?

We provides a complete product line of RF Switches for wireless communications,microwave communications,and satellite communications. Hexawave uses proven GaAs pHEMT & IPD Technology to Serve the Market with High Frequency, High-Power, Low power consumption RF ICs.

High Frequency
Up to 8GHz

High Power
Up to 39dBm

Low Power Consumption
Less than 2uA

Variety of Package type
Meet Fluctuating demand

Featured RF Switch


IoT Sub-GHz Networking

Featured RF Switch for IoT

We provides a series of switches from SPDT to SP8T features Low Insertion Loss, High Isolation and High Gain
for Low Power Wide Area Networking applications.


Part No. Type Frequency Insertion Loss Isolation P1dB Package
(GHz) (dB) (dB) (dBm) (mm)
HWS486 SPDT Terminated
DC-6.0 0.5-0.6 22-29 36@+3V USON6L
HWS504 SPDT 0.5-6.0 0.4-0.5 20-23 32@+3V USON6L
(1.5x1.5x0.4 )
HWS520 SP3T 0.5-6.0 0.5-0.9 25 30@+3V USON8L
HWS531 SPDT Terminated
0.5-6.0 0.7-1.1 25-31 39@+3V USON6L
(1.5x1.5x0.4 )
HWS541  SPDT 2.0-6.0 0.35-0.55 25-27 31@+3V LUSON6L
(w/ decoder)
0.5-3.8 0.45-0.50 26-37 P0.1dB XQFN14L
(w/ decoder)
0.5-3.8 0.45-0.55 25-35 P0.1dB XQFN14L
(w/ decoder)
0.5-3.0 0.50-0.75 20-34 P0.1dB XQFN14L
Fast Charging


The innovative application of the excellent performance of GaN (gallium nitride) materials has successfully developed a gallium nitride power switching transistor with an on-resistance lower than that of silicon, even better than mechanical relay contacts. HexaGaN has ultra-high efficiency, small size and extremely low thermal loss.

High Efficiency

High Switching Speed

Smaller & Lighter

Energy Saving

Featured HexaGaN Power FET 


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