Hexawave has accumulated 30 years of industry-university cooperation and practical experience and is committed to the development of global cutting-edge compound semiconductor technology, providing a full range of RF switch chips and high-frequency power components.
Wireless Networking

Why Hexawave's RF Switch?


Hexawave provides a complete product line of RF Switches for wireless communications,
microwave communications,
and satellite communications. Hexawave uses proven GaAs pHEMT &
IPD Technology to Serve the Market with High Frequency, 
High-Power, Low power consumption RF ICs.


High Frequency
Up to 8GHz

High Power
Up to 39dBm

Low Power Consumption
Less than 2uA

Variety of Package type
Meet Fluctuating demand

Featured RF Switch

GaAs pHEMT Device&Process

In response to future high data rates, lower costs, increased system capacity and large-scale device connections, the pursuit of ultimate chip performance and size, pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor epitaxy wafer manufacturing process due to its high electron mobility, low leakage current and better The noise characteristics are especially suitable for radio frequency components, and can be applied to applications such as wireless long-distance local area networks, optical fiber communications, satellite communications, point-to-point microwave communications, cable television digital television, and automobile collision avoidance systems. Advantages: High breakdown voltage, flat mutual conductance-bias voltage relationship, electron mobility, high current driving force, good temperature characteristics, low leakage current, good noise characteristics, high two-dimensional space electron gas concentration.

IPD Device&Process

Integrated Passive Device (IPD) has the advantages of high precision, high repeatability, small size, high reliability and low cost. Hexawave has invested in the development of thin film IPD process technology for many years, and its process covers: lithography process technology, thin film deposition process technology, etching process technology, electroplating process technology.

GaN HEMT Device&Process

From 4G to 5G, the gallium nitride (GaN) high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) has high electron mobility, wide band gap energy and high dielectric strength. Compared with silicon substrate (Si), it can be used in Working under high voltage and high temperature environment shows that it will occupy an important position in the field of microwave amplification and electric energy conversion in the future. GaN-on-SiC technology can provide more efficient and reliable functions to provide clearer communications.


GaN HEMT Advantages of applications in the microwave field

Higher efficiency: reduce power consumption, save power, reduce heat dissipation costs, and reduce total operating costs. Larger broadband: Improve information carrying capacity, use fewer components to achieve multi-frequency coverage, and reduce terminal product costs. It is suitable for spread spectrum communication, electronic countermeasures and other fields. Higher power: In the frequency band above 4GHz, it can output a frequency much higher than that of gallium arsenide, which is especially suitable for radar, satellite communication, relay communication and other fields.

IoT Sub-GHz Networking

Featured RF Switch for IoT

Hexawave provides a series of switches from SPDT to SP8T features low insertion loss, high isolation and high gain
for Low Power Wide Area Networking applications.


Part No. Type Frequency Insertion Loss Isolation P1dB Package
(GHz) (dB) (dB) (dBm) (mm)
HWS486 SPDT Terminated
DC-6.0 0.5-0.6 22-29 36@+3V USON6L
HWS504 SPDT 0.5-6.0 0.4-0.5 20-23 32@+3V USON6L
(1.5x1.5x0.4 )
HWS520 SP3T 0.5-6.0 0.5-0.9 25 30@+3V USON8L
HWS531 SPDT Terminated
0.5-6.0 0.7-1.1 25-31 39@+3V USON6L
(1.5x1.5x0.4 )
HWS541  SPDT 2.0-6.0 0.35-0.55 25-27 31@+3V LUSON6L
(w/ decoder)
0.5-3.8 0.45-0.50 26-37 P0.1dB XQFN14L
(w/ decoder)
0.5-3.8 0.45-0.55 25-35 P0.1dB XQFN14L
(w/ decoder)
0.5-3.0 0.50-0.75 20-34 P0.1dB XQFN14L
Fast Charging


The innovative application of the excellent performance of GaN (gallium nitride) materials has successfully
developed a gallium nitride power switching transistor with an on-resistance lower than that of silicon, even better than
mechanical relay contacts. HexaGaN has ultra-high efficiency, small size and extremely low thermal loss.

High Efficiency

High Switching Speed

Smaller & Lighter

Energy Saving

Featured HexaGaN Power FET 


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GaN Power FET Device Process
The high electron energy characteristics of gallium nitride make it have extremely high power conversion efficiency and excellent high frequency characteristics. Most applications in the GaN power market are still power-related applications, such as fast charging of mobile phones, and high-wattage power supplies. In addition, LiDAR applications are high-end solutions that can also take advantage of the high-frequency switching characteristics in GaN power components.

Advantages of GaN Applications
High conversion efficiency: The band gap of gallium nitride is 3 times that of silicon, and the breakdown electric field is 10 times that of silicon.
The on-resistance of GaN switching power devices with the same rated voltage is much lower than that of silicon devices, which can greatly reduce the conduction loss of the switch.
High operating frequency: The parasitic capacitance of GaN switching devices is small, which can reduce the number or size of magnetic components such as capacitors, transformers, etc. around the entire system, reducing volume and consumption of raw materials.
High ambient temperature: The forbidden band width of gallium nitride is as high as 3.4eV, and the intrinsic electron concentration is extremely low, and electrons are not easily excited, so gallium nitride devices can work in a relatively high temperature environment.