In view of the increasingly vigorous development of wireless communication and the increasing demand for high-quality communication, Hexawave constructed the first manufacturing facilities in 1991 in the Hsin-chu Science Park, has been providing GaAs components and high-frequency communication modules to meet the needs, and officially transformed into a fabless semiconductor company in 2022.
Hexawave has been focusing on providing diverse and complete range of L, C Band high power modules, S Band VCO and PLL, S and Ku Band low noise amplifier, S Band transmitter/receiver, RF Switch MMICs. The product portfolio has diverse applications, including wireless communications, microwave communications, and satellite communications.
With the accelerated development of 5G communications, electric vehicles, carbon neutrality, etc., gallium nitride (GaN) has the advantages of higher efficiency, energy saving and higher power. Hexawave has top research and developed team on gallium arsenide high frequency products, investing in the development of energy-saving related components. The innovative application of the excellent performance of GaN (gallium nitride) materials has successfully developed a gallium nitride power switching transistor with an on-resistance lower than that of silicon, even better than mechanical relay contacts. HexaGaN has ultra-high efficiency, small size and extremely low thermal loss.


Hexawave became fabless design house


Lextar invested Hexawave


Gan process development with academic & industry


GaAs pHEMT Switch IC production


MESFET Switch IC production


 4” GaAs wafer fab Production


 1.9GHz power modules -2.4GHz wireless LAN equipment production


 900MHz spread spectrum (SS) & radio frequency (RF) modules production


Microwave products productions -MMI wafer -RF switch


3” wafer fab II-VI Optoelectronic material (IR) production


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